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IAFE Convention Workshop Topics Announced

The listing for the IAFE Workshop topics has recently been released. In addition to finding the workshops in the Sept./Oct. issue of Fairs & Expos, you can click here to find the (nearly) complete listing. REMEMBER: the Early Bird pricing deadline is Oct. 2! Go to the IAFE Convention website for all the latest details.

Resources for Fairs Canceling Poultry Shows

Many fairs are faced with canceling poultry shows this summer due to the avian influenza (H5N2) outbreak impacting commercial poultry operations and backyard flocks across the U.S. The IAFE will provide information and resources for members for ideas on messaging, education, and use of space on this website and through the members’ Igniter forum. Go to the special Avian Influenza Resource section (you will need to use your member e-mail and password) for the most up-to-date information and resources, including recordings from the IAFE Avian Influenza CyberSeminar sessions held on June 4. Check back frequently for updates as well as watch your e-mail for special announcements (from “news,” the Network Newsletter, or e-announcements).

New Member Benefit: Igniter Discussion Forum!


You are invited to participate in The Igniter! This is an online member service allowing you to post questions/discussions, reply to topics, post document resources, look up contacts, and to network (only visible to current IAFE members). This is an incredibly simple way for you to easily interact and communicate online, exchange ideas, experience, knowledge and wisdom with your peers. The benefits are endless!




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