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Strike It Rich in 2017

The theme for 2017 is Strike It Rich. Each IAFE meeting you attend will be one more way to enrich your fair and yourself. Collect coins at the Impact & Impressions Seminar, the Management Conference, and your IAFE Zone meeting. The coins collected throughout the year will be entered into a drawing for a great prize at the IAFE Annual Convention in Las Vegas. In addition, tell us how you enrich your community through scholarship! Click here for more information.

The Latest Convention News at IAFEConvention.com

Be sure to find all the 2017 IAFE Convention information at the official IAFE Convention website: IAFEConvention.com. There you will find the latest news, the best travel discounts, educational session information, and networking details.

Takeover the IAFE Social Media

Would you like your fair seen live by individuals and organizations around the world? Now is your chance to takeover the Instagram and/or Snapchat accounts of the IAFE during your fair! You must already have your own respective Instagram or Snapchat account to participate.This is a fun way to mutually build followers for the accounts. The takeover is open to fairs or associates, but the takeover day must take place at a fair. Reserve your day by contacting IAFE Member Services Coordinator Brittney McBride.

Find a Fair Along Your Way!

Whether you are traveling or having a staycation, there is probably a fair nearby. Experience the fun and education of local fairs no matter where you are. Check out IAFE member fair locations by going to FindThatFair.com. There you can see locations and dates for fairs across the world!

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Check out more information on the all-new IAFE Foundation website!

The latest on the Igniter Discussion Forum!


Have you check out the latest topics on the Igniter forum? Fellow fair industry professionals are discussing what is on their minds and what is affecting their fair or business in real time. Here's what is being discussed now:



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