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IAFE programming and activities are largely determined by the work of the committees, which are divided into three categories: administrative, activity and education program. Click on links below to view each committee's objectives and current members.

EDUCATION PROGRAM COMMITTEES: Anyone associated with an IAFE member (fair, associate, state/provincial association) is invited to volunteer to serve on any committee listed below as "Education Program." All Education Program Committees are asked to recruit members to submit at least three articles for the Fairs & Expos Magazine and six items for the IAFE Online Library. Each of these committees is also asked to contribute ideas for the Annual Convention programming. In addition, each committee is asked to select members to serve on the Foundation Fund-Raising Committee.

ACTIVITY COMMITTEES: Each activity committee has designated appointees, but others are welcome to volunteer. See each committee for any limitations.

ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEES: All members serve as appointed or selected according to specific procedure.