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IAFE Members Strike It Rich in Their Communities

Help us tabulate the data on scholarships you provide.

In 2017 the IAFE will embark on an initiative that will further demonstrate our relevancy and positive impact both as an important international sector and in our own communities. Your fair will be asked to share the facts and figures associated with scholarship programs.

Scholarships – the money that you raise and then award as monies to an individual who will use it for continuing education is an investment in your own community, but more importantly, an investment in the citizens of our world. The youth we serve today will become our leaders tomorrow.

At the 2017 IAFE Convention we will report on the culmination of those scholarship dollars, realizing the impact of that investment will also allow for all Fairs around the globe to report that figure within their own communities.

All you have to do is answer 4 very short questions! Tell us how many scholarships you award and the approximate value (in USD) and where your fair is located – easy to do! Please help us by going to this special website where you will input the information and click submit!

Let us know about the scholarships at your fair!