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Membership Contest

Individual Competition

Coca-Cola Each individual, associated with an active member, who recruits a new member, will receive 1 entry, into a drawing for the $3,000 Gift of Travel.

Those sponsoring new members into IAFE's network will receive one entry in the drawing for each new member sponsored. The more new members you sponsor...the greater your chances are to win!! The drawing will take place at the 2017 IAFE Convention. Coca-Cola will recognize the top 3 recruiters at the Convention in Las Vegas during a General Session. These individuals will receive plaques for their efforts in recruiting new members to the IAFE. Our overall top recruiter will receive $500 cash award (in the event of a tie, the cash award will be divided equally).

IAFE Zones Earn Cash

In 2017, each Zone Director will be provided a current list (11/2/2016-present) of fair members from their Zone. We are challenging each Zone to increase the number of members within their respective Zones. To be successful, not only will each Zone have to recruit new members, in addition they will encourage current members renew their membership with the IAFE.

What is in it for you?

  • Each IAFE Zone that successfully increases the number of members between 11/2/2016 and 11/1/2017 will automatically be rewarded with $500 to be used for educational programming.
  • The Zone with the largest increase in fair members will be awarded an additional $500 (ties will be prorated).
  • Each Zone with an increase in the number of fair members will receive one entry into a drawing for each member they are above last year’s total. For example, if XYZ Zone has 5 more members on Nov. 1, 2017, than what they had on Nov. 2, 2016, they receive 5 entries into a drawing. One lucky Zone will win the grand prize of $1,500 for their Zone.

State and Provincial Directors Can Win Big

We encourage every State and Provincial Director to retain and solicit IAFE members. The IAFE provides valuable resources to all State and Provincial members and it is membership that enables these resources to continue!

What is in it for you?

  • The State and Provincial Director who recruits the most new IAFE members (Nov. 2, 2016 through Nov. 1, 2017) will receive $500. (Ties will be prorated)

Complimentary Convention Registration for New Fair Members

In addition to providing The Gift of Travel as an incentive to recruit members, The Coca-Cola Company is once again offering scholarships to cover the registration fee for fair delegates who have not previously attended the IAFE Annual Convention and Trade Show. Complimentary Convention registrations will be awarded for:

  • New fairs (qualifying as active fair members) joining as a new member between Nov. 2, 2016 and Nov. 1, 2017, receive one complimentary delegate registration to the IAFE Annual Convention and Trade Show. Events or venues that are not agricultural fairs are not eligible for the Complimentary Convention Registration.
  • Fairs who are already a member, have fewer than 100,000 in attendance, and have not previously attended an Annual Convention, may apply for a limited number of complimentary delegate registrations available for existing members (Eligibility requirements exist).