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Representing and facilitating the evolving interests and needs of agricultural fairs, exhibitions, and show associations’ stakeholders. Our associate members include state and provincial associations of fairs, non-agricultural expositions and festivals, associations, corporations, and individuals engaged in providing products and services to its members, all of whom are interested in the improvement of fairs and allied fields.

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May 24, 2022  |   News

Linda Christensen has carved out a niche audience for herself over the past 50 years as the sole “butter head” sculptor of Princess Kay and finalists at the Minnesota State Fair. L…

May 24, 2022  |   News

Since 1913, the Ramsey County Fair has shown off the best of the county’s agriculture and hospitality for up to five days each summer without charging patrons an entry fee. An all-volunt…

May 23, 2022  |   News

This year, why not put some grubs on your hot dog before you hit the ferris wheel? The Calgary Stampede has released its annual list of new midway food for the event. Some items on offer are m…


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We are a 501 (c)3 organization established in 2002 to support, through fund raising, the educational, charitable, research, or literacy activities in the advancement and improvement of agriculture fairs, expositions, and shows.

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