IAFE ToolKits

The IAFE has developed numeours toolkits to assist our members. 

Activist Response Kit (ARK) to help members prepare for activists, especially animal rights activists. The ARK will help fair leaders navigate the troubling waters of dealing with activists during the fair or at year-round facility rental events. Each of the 10 sections of the ARK is designed for quick reading and will provide information valuable to everyone on your fair’s staff, board, or volunteer leadership. 

Avian Influenza Toolkit to assist our members prepare for an Avian Influenza outbreak. Some members were here in 2015 when our industry was faced with an Avian Influenza (H5N1) outbreak. This toolkit not only provides fairs with resources to develop a plan, but also includes photos from fairs and their activities during the 2015 outbreak, USDA links and other resources.

Crisis Communication Toolkit developed to assist IAFE members with communication during a crisis situation.  The Toolkit includes steps to developing a comprehensive communications plan, including messaging templates. 

Entertainment Programming Toolkit  A toolkit outlining everything you need to do and consider when booking entertainment for your fair. Including; strategic planning, market research, budgets, ticketing, offers, contracts, riders, production, marketing campaigns, scheduling, permits,  noise ordinances, waivers, music licensing, staff and volunteers, guest experience, entertainer venue experience, photography and video, signage, weather, cancellation, analytics, determining ROI, and wrap-up reports. Also included is an operational checklist, guides, templates, and glossary of terms

Succession Planning Toolkit  This toolkit was developed by the Institute of Fair Management Leadership Grad Track enrollees. An extensive toolkit that outlines succession planning for ALL personnel; staff, board, volunteers etc.  This toolkit provides members with in-depth resources including interview process, cross-training check-lists,  and a complete employee work cycle is provided to the user. Excellent human resource reference .

Swine Flu Toolkit  Are you prepared for a swine flu outbreak? Refer to this toolkit for a culmination of helpful documents to ensure you are taking the necessary steps to defend against the swin flu.

The IAFE toolkits are available to IAFE members only. IAFE members gain access by clicking on the Toolkit of choice below.